Property Managment

As ÖVI-Administrator of property we offer security by providing reliable management

  • preserving and enhancing value by securing technical and economical support

  • accurate and clear billing

  • supervising janitors and workers

  • giving support in dealings with authorities and insurance companies

  • conducting house inspections and house owner meetings

  • fast and on time handling of all upcoming duties

  • providing consultation for investments and carrying out reconstruction work

  • providing information about economic development and changes within the existing legal situation

Contact details

Mag. Robin Kalandra

Immobilienmakler & Hausverwalter

+43 699 1180 4004

Robert Kalandra

Immobilienmakler & Hausverwalter

+43 699 1060 6010

Oliver Kalandra

Immobilienmakler & Hausverwalter

+43 699 1040 4010

Marta Szczesny


01- 533 32 69

Ingrid Schwaiger

Buchhaltung & Hausverwaltung

01- 533 32 69 11

Office hours:

Monday - Thursday
9:00 until 17:00

9:00 until 13:00


Contact out of office hours


General Administration

  • handling of all correspondence with tenants and proprietors

  • carrying through all correspondence and negotiating with authorities and creditors

  • consulting of proprietors

  • preparing and carrying through meetings of the owners´ cooperative

  • issuing decision memoranda

  • handling all necessary communication with health insurance, tax office and other authorities

Commercial Administration

  • charging and clearing of leasehold-rents and prepayment of maintenance costs

  • handling debit notes

  • settling running costs, heating costs and other operating costs

  • implementing increases of lawful rent

  • monitoring lease contracts (rent indexation & staggeration)

  • monitoring house and community rules

  • carrying through new lettings

  • handling the take-over of apartments

  • judging claims on decrease of rent

  • registering all payment transactions

  • handling escrow accounts

  • putting forward urges & initiating legal actions in cases of arrears with payment

  • settling value added taxes

  • clearing reserve assets for maintenance with the association of condominium owners

Technical Administration

  • assessing indicated defects

  • closing servicing and insurance agreements

  • listing of consumption data

  • handling reports on damages

  • organising and monitoring all necessary maintenance and restoration works